Robot Line Marking Benefits

Why robots are a game changer for your pitch.

Everything you need to know about the benefits of PitchMarkers

PitchMarkers’ robots can mark an 11-a-side football pitch from scratch in just 29-minutes and 45 seconds and over marks in approximately 12 minutes...

Now that's time saving!

Save Time

Our robot can line a standard football pitch 7 times faster than more traditional methods.


Draws within +/- 3cm, creating perfectly straight, curved or filled-in patterns.

Custom Layouts

Measures to fit any specific layout and area size. Dimensions are stored for future marking.

High Performance

Marks on grass, artificial turf, all weather and Tarmac surfaces.

Intelligent Software

Advanced GPS and intelligent software controls everything from just one screen.

Low Paint Consumption

Low-pressure paint pump and nozzle reduces paint consumption by 50%.

Social Distancing Zones

Create safe zone areas with social bubble boxes in the park, at leisure venues and open air events.

Advertising Opportunities

Generate extra revenue with advertising and sponsorship stencils. Ideal for event sponsors, businesses and charities.

Going that extra mile nationwide!

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